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medical technology articles, Apple Watch). But integrating the technology into the Apple Watch itself significant. In the past, dedicated medical device companies have been the. Dec 01,  · In many ways, today’s medical technology is at a maturity level comparable to the unsafe at any speed automobile of the s If we do not address the lax scientific standards of technology development, it is unlikely that future technology interventions will improve safety or other desirable measures of healthcare by: Dec 09,  · Today’s physicians still need to possess great clinical skills and knowledge of the human body, but the ability to discern between good and bad medical technologies may be more important now than ever before. “More and more we read about some cool gizmo that looks like it’s going to Author: Roger Collier.

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Last update: 2 hours ago, medical technology articles. Research into why adolescent drivers are involved in motor vehicle crashes, the leading cause of injury and death among to year-olds in the United States, has often focused on driving experience and skills. But a new Since its discovery inthere have been almost no recorded cases of tuberculosis becoming resistant to the antibiotic drug D-cycloserine DCS in patients.

With resistance to many other drugs on the rise, a team of New research from a group of Vanderbilt biomedical engineers reveals that while cancer cells move quickly in metastasis, they're rather lazy in which paths they choose. New research led by Medical technology articles Australian National University ANU has shown exposure to people from other racial backgrounds during childhood could help us better recognize faces across different races as adults.

Humans are inherently risk-averse: We spend our days calculating routes and routines, taking precautionary measures to avoid disease, danger, and despair. The way immune cells pick friends from foes can be described by a classic math puzzle known as the "narrow escape problem.

When chemist Rebecca Abergel and her team at the U. Medical technology articles of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Medical technology articles Lab successfully developed an anti-radiation-poisoning pill inthey hoped it would never Statins could be used to treat older patients admitted to hospital with a severe type of pneumonia, researchers at the University of Birmingham have found, medical technology articles.

Sixteen years ago, a research group at Mayo Medical School published results medical technology articles that a protein called TRAIL can kill cells that cause liver fibrosis but no one seemed to follow up on these findings. Now, researchers Removing part medical technology articles the uterus using a keyhole surgery technique is a more effective way of treating heavy menstrual bleeding than the current most common operation, according to new research led by the University of Aberdeen.

Certain drugs used to treat retinal diseases are excreted into breast milk, raising possible safety concerns for developing infants, suggests a first-of-its-kind study led by St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto and published Researchers at the Complutense University of Madrid UCM have identified changes in retinal layer thickness, inflammation or thinning in patients with mild Alzheimer's disease, confirming that the retina is one of the most Cancer patients on immunotherapy fare worse if they have recently taken antibiotics, with their response medical technology articles overall survival rate "crashing.

Currently, immunotherapy is primarily An international research team has developed a new strategy that can predict the potential clinical implications of new therapeutic compounds based on simple cellular responses. This discovery was partly led by scientists Among teen boys in urban neighborhoods with low resources, medical technology articles, the presence of adult social support is linked to significantly fewer occurrences of sexual violence, youth violence and bullying, and to more positive behaviors, Three-quarters of older adults with a serious illness visit the medical technology articles department during the last six months of their lives.

Many will be admitted to the hospital. Some will never leave. But only a minority of patients Melbourne researchers have discovered that the key to personalised therapies for some types of lung cancers may be to focus on their differences, not their similarities. A new review of previous studies into the long-term effects of childhood sexual abuse has suggested that earlier mental health support for victims would reduce the chances of victims developing psychiatric conditions and Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi causes more than 20 million cases of typhoid fever each year, and disproportionately infects children in low and middle income countries.

This site uses cookies to assist with navigation, analyse your use of our services, and provide content from third parties. By using our site, medical technology articles, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Heartburn drug zantac may contain small amounts of known carcinogen, medical technology articles, FDA says.

Date 6 hours 12 hours 1 day 3 days all. Last day 1 week 1 month all. Health Slower growth in working memory linked to teen driving crashes Research into why adolescent drivers are involved in motor vehicle crashes, the leading cause of injury and death among to year-olds in the United States, has often focused on driving experience and skills, medical technology articles.

Medications Why does tuberculosis find a year-old drug so hard to resist? Medical research. Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes. Children of refugees with PTSD are at higher risk of developing psychiatric disorders 3 hours ago.

Niger unveils measles vaccination plan for 4 million children 3 hours ago. Medicaid expansion increases access to kidney transplants 3 hours ago. Patient factors may predict opioid use after discharge 3 hours ago. Tiny bubbles in our body could fight cancer better than chemo 3 hours ago. Patient survey highlights challenges for the 1 in 4 living with rheumatic disease 3 hours ago, medical technology articles.

Anti-vax moms have outsized voice on social media 4 hours ago. Prevalence of short sleep duration up from to 3 hours ago. The womb isn't sterile: Healthy babies medical technology articles born with bacteria and fungi in their guts 5 hours ago. How a person vapes, not just what a person vapes, could also play a big role in vaping harm 4 hours ago.

Physical activity may attenuate menopause-associated atherogenic changes 5 hours ago. Shoulder pain surgery: One popular procedure not backed by evidence 5 hours ago.

Curiosity: We're studying the brain to help you harness it 5 hours ago. Kenya becomes third country to adopt world's first malaria vaccine 5 hours ago. A newly designed vaccine may help stamp out remaining polio cases worldwide 5 hours ago. For this mom, rare bone disease is a family affair 5 hours ago.

What's the right balance of fats and carbs? Nutrition researchers say eating eggs doesn't mean higher saturated-fat intake 6 hours ago. CDC revises number of vaping-linked lung illnesses to in 36 states 5 hours ago.

Heartburn drug zantac may contain small amounts of known carcinogen, FDA says 2 hours ago. E-cigarettes may be affecting the health of teenagers—even if they don't vape 6 hours ago. Researchers identify focus points to reduce opioid overdose deaths 3 hours ago, medical technology articles.

Women with heart failure less likely to get heart pump device 3 hours ago. Understanding risks for childhood cancer survivors 6 hours ago. NIH study suggests higher air pollution exposure during second pregnancy may increase preterm birth risk 6 hours ago. Research discoveries suggest that leucine-histidine dipeptide improves mental health 7 hours ago.

Women with heart attack do present with typical symptoms 3 hours ago. Fewer children receiving care at family medicine practices 3 hours ago. Emotional rape victims seen as more believable 7 hours ago. IVF birth rates improving, multiple birth rate at a record low 7 hours ago.

Expert discusses health effects of vaping on youth 7 hours ago. The next battles against tobacco must be fought in the world's major cities 6 hours ago. More severe OSA leads to higher blood pressure in patients with resistant hypertension 13 hours ago.

Abnormal gut bugs tied to worse cognitive performance in vets with PTSD and cirrhosis 13 hours ago. Over one-fifth of injured U, medical technology articles. Chaotic talks medical technology articles challenge of reaching opioid settlement 12 hours ago.

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